Sending a Location from Your Smartphone to Your Device

You can search for a location using the Smartphone Link app on your phone and send it to your Garmin DriveSmart™ device.

  1. On your smartphone, open the Smartphone Link app.
  2. Select an option:
    • To find a nearby location, select Find Nearby Places, and enter all or part of an address or the name of a place.

    • To find a nearby Foursquare® point of interest, select Foursquare, and select a point of interest from the list.

    • To choose a location on the map, select Pick Location, and touch the location on the map.

    • To find an address from your contact list, select Search Contacts, and select a contact name.

    The selected location appears on the map.

  3. Select Send.

    The Smartphone Link app sends the location to your Garmin DriveSmart.

  4. On your Garmin DriveSmart device, select an option:
    • To start navigating to the location, select Go!.

    • To view details about the location, or to save the location to your favorites, select Information.

    • To accept the location without starting navigation, select OK.

The location appears in the recently found locations on your Garmin DriveSmart device.

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