Pairing the Speed Sensor With Your Smartphone

When you pair the speed sensor with the Garmin Connect™ app, you can record and upload cycling activities that include speed and distance data without using another Garmin® device. The speed sensor must be paired directly through the Garmin Connect app, instead of from the Bluetooth® settings on your smartphone.

NOTE: The cadence sensor cannot pair with the Garmin Connect app and be used as a standalone sensor.
  1. From the app store on your smartphone, install and open the Garmin Connect app.
  2. Bring your smartphone within 3 m (10 ft.) of the speed sensor.
    NOTE: Stay 10 m (33 ft.) away from other wireless sensors while pairing.
  3. Rotate the wheel two revolutions to wake up the speed sensor.

    The LED flashes green for five seconds to indicate activity. The LED flashes red to indicate a low battery level.

  4. Select an option to add the speed sensor to your Garmin Connect account:
    • If this is the first device you have paired with the Garmin Connect app, follow the on-screen instructions.

    • If you have already paired another device with the Garmin Connect app, from the Menu symbol or Menu symbol menu, select Garmin Devices > Add Device, and follow the on-screen instructions.

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