The Ideal Swing Tempo

You can achieve the ideal 3.0 tempo using different swing timings, for example, 0.7 sec./0.23 sec. or 1.2 sec./0.4 sec. Each golfer may have a unique swing tempo based on their ability and experience. Garmin® provides six different timings.

The device uses three audible tones that continuously repeat the correct tempo. The first tone indicates when you should start your backswing. The second tone indicates when you should start your downswing. The third tone indicates when you should hit the ball.

The device also displays a graph that indicates if your backswing or downswing times are too fast, too slow, or just right for the selected timing.

Callout number one

Timing choices (backswing to downswing time ratio)

Callout number two

Backswing time

Callout number three

Downswing time

Callout number four

Your tempo

Good timing

Too slow

Too fast

To find your ideal swing timing, you should start with the slowest timing and try it for a few swings. When the tempo graph is consistently green for both your backswing and downswing times, you can move up to the next timing. When you find a timing that is comfortable, you can use it to achieve more consistent swings and performance.