Wireless Sensors

Your watch can be paired and used with wireless sensors using ANT‍+® or Bluetooth® technology (Pairing Your Wireless Sensors). After the devices are paired, you can customize the optional data fields (Customizing the Data Screens). If your watch was packaged with a sensor, they are already paired.

For information about specific Garmin® sensor compatibility, purchasing, or to view the owner's manual, go to buy.garmin.com for that sensor.

Sensor Type



You can use your watch with your eBike and view bike data, such as battery and shifting information, during your rides.

Extended Display

You can use the Extended Display mode to display data screens from your Forerunner® music watch on a compatible Edge® bike computer during a ride or triathlon.

External HR

You can use an external sensor, such as the HRM-Pro™ series or HRM‍-Fit™ heart rate monitor, to view heart rate data during your activities. Some heart rate monitors can also store data or provide advanced running data (Running Dynamics) (Running Power).

Foot Pod

You can use a foot pod to record pace and distance instead of using GPS when you are training indoors or when your GPS signal is weak.


You can use Bluetooth headphones to listen to music loaded onto your Forerunner music watch (Connecting Bluetooth Headphones).


You can use Varia™ smart bike lights to improve situational awareness.


You can use the Rally™ or Vector™ power meter bike pedals to view your power data on your watch. You can adjust your power zones to match your goals and abilities (Setting Your Power Zones), or use range alerts to be notified when you reach a specified power zone (Setting an Alert).


You can use a Varia rearview bike radar to improve situational awareness and send alerts about approaching vehicles. With a Varia radar camera tail light, you can also take photos and record video during a ride (Using the Varia Camera Controls).

RD Pod

You can use a Running Dynamics Pod to record running dynamics data and view it on your watch (Running Dynamics).

Smart Trainer

You can use your watch with an indoor bike smart trainer to simulate resistance while following a course, ride, or workout (Using an Indoor Trainer).


You can attach speed or cadence sensors to your bike and view the data during your ride. If necessary, you can manually enter your wheel circumference (Wheel Size and Circumference).


You can attach the tempe™ temperature sensor to a secure strap or loop where it is exposed to ambient air, so it provides a consistent source of accurate temperature data.


The VIRB® remote function allows you to control your VIRB action camera using your watch (VIRB Remote (Generic)).

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