Pedal Status LED

LED flashes indicate the pedal status, including issues that require your attention. Error codes are cleared after the issue is resolved and you have synced your Rally™ system with the Garmin Connect™ app or your compatible Garmin® device. The LED is located on the inboard end of the spindle Callout number one.
Device with a glyph

LED Activity


1 red flash

The Rally system is active and working properly.

3 green flashes every 5 seconds

The pedal is searching for the other paired pedal.

1 long green flash

The left pedal is connected to the right pedal.

Alternating red and green flashes

A software update or settings sync is in progress.

20 green flashes

The software update or settings sync was successful.

20 red flashes

The software update or settings sync has failed.

The left pedal is unable to find the right pedal.

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