Viewing the Backup Camera


This device is intended to enhance your situational awareness when used properly. If used improperly, you could become distracted by the display, which could lead to an accident causing serious personal injury or death. Only access the information displayed on the device with a glance. Always maintain awareness of your surroundings and do not stare at the display or become distracted by the display. Focusing on the display could prevent you from avoiding obstacles or hazards.

  • If your camera is connected to a reverse lamp (recommended), place the vehicle into reverse.
  • If your camera is connected to constant power, select Wireless camera symbol / Wireless camera symbol.
  • To show or hide the camera view using voice commands, say OK Garmin, Show Video or Hide Video.
    NOTE: Voice commands are not available on all navigation devices. The voice commands may vary based on your navigation device model. This feature is not available for all languages or may require additional navigation device setup for some languages. For more information, see the Voice Command app or the Voice Control app on your navigation device, or the navigation device owner's manual.
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