Front view of the watch with callouts
Letter A symbol Action button

Press to turn on the watch.

Press to start and stop the activity timer.

Hold for 2 seconds to view the controls menu, including watch power.

Hold until you feel 3 vibrations to launch the assistance feature (Safety and Tracking Features).

Letter B symbol Back (Menu) button

Press to return to the previous screen, except during an activity.

During an activity, press to mark a new lap, start a new set or pose, or advance to the next stage of a workout.

Hold to view a menu of watch settings and options for the current screen.

Letter C symbol Touchscreen

Swipe up or down to scroll through glances, features, and menus.

Tap to select.

Double-tap to wake the watch.

Swipe right to return to the previous screen.

During an activity, swipe right to view the watch face and glances.

From the watch face, swipe right to view the shortcut feature.

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September 2023