Installing the Dash Camera Memory Card

Before the device can record video from the integrated dash camera, you must install a camera memory card. The camera requires a microSD® memory card from 4 to 256 GB with a speed rating of Class 10 or higher. You can use the included memory card, or you can purchase a compatible memory card from an electronics supplier.

NOTE: A memory card is included so your device is ready to use out of the box. All memory cards have a limited life and must be replaced periodically. Your device alerts you when the memory card has exceeded its useful life and needs to be replaced. You can follow the troubleshooting tips to help extend the useful life of the memory card (My memory card has degraded and needs to be replaced).
  1. Insert a memory card Callout number one into the camera memory card slot Callout number two.
    NOTE: If you install the memory card into the incorrect slot, the camera cannot record video.

    Memory card installation with callouts
  2. Press it in until it clicks.
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