Driver Assistance Settings

Select App settings > Driver Assistance.

Driver Alerts

Allows you to enable or disable alerts for upcoming zones or road conditions (Driver Awareness Features and Alerts).

Speeding Alert

Alerts you when you are exceeding the speed limit.

Reduced Speed Tone

Alerts you when the speed limit decreases.

Route Preview

Displays a preview of the major roads in your route when you start navigation.

Break Planning

Reminds you to take a break, and displays upcoming services after you drive for an extended time. You can enable or disable break reminders and upcoming service suggestions.

Proximity Alerts

Alerts you when you approach speed cameras or red light cameras.

Plan Arrival

Displays a map of your destination at the end of a route. You can also enable your device to download satellite imagery using the mobile data on your paired smartphone.

Forward Collision Warning

Allows you to enable and set the sensitivity of the forward collision warning. A higher sensitivity alerts you sooner than a lower sensitivity.

Lane Departure Warning

Enables the device to alert you when it detects you may be crossing a lane boundary unintentionally.

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