Home Screen

NOTE: The home screen layout may vary if it has been customized.

Device home screen with callouts

Callout number 1

Swipe down to view notifications.

Swipe down twice to quickly change settings and backlight brightness.

Callout number 2

Select to start a route.

Callout number 3

Select to view the map.

Callout number 4

Select to change your vehicle profile.

Callout number 5

Select to view weather information for your current location. The Garmin Drive™ app is required.

Callout number 6

Select to view smart notifications. The Garmin Drive app is required.

Callout number 7

Select to open the app drawer. The app drawer contains shortcuts to all the apps installed on your device.

Callout number 8

Hold to customize the wallpaper or add widgets to the home screen.

GUID-9FC76615-A91B-4AAA-A205-B2EAA899321A v7
October 2023