Your Route on the Map

As you travel, the device guides you to your destination using voice prompts and information on the map. Instructions for your next turn or exit, or other actions appear across the top of the map.

Active route on the navigation map with callouts

Callout number 1

Distance to the next action.

Callout number 2

Next action in the route. Indicates the next turn, exit, or other action and the lane in which you should travel, if available.

Callout number 3

Name of the street or exit associated with the next action.

Callout number 4

Route highlighted on the map.

Callout number 5

Next action in the route. Arrows on the map indicate the location of upcoming actions.

Callout number 6

Map tool shortcuts.

Callout number 7

Map tools. You can select the tools to show you more information about your route and surroundings.

Callout number 8

Data fields.

TIP: You can touch these fields to change the information they show (Changing the Map Data Field).

Callout number 9

Vehicle speed.

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October 2023