Selecting and Installing the Contact Points


To prevent irritation from the contact points, remove the collar for at least eight hours out of every 24-hour period.


Do not spray the device or collar with harsh chemicals including but not limited to flea or tick spray. Always ensure that any flea or tick spray that is applied to the dog is completely dry before placing the collar on the dog. Small amounts of harsh chemicals can damage the plastic components and collar laminate.

For best results, select the correct contact points based on your dog's coat.

  1. Select the correct contact point length for your dog's coat type:
    • For dogs with thicker coats, use the longer contact points.

    • For dogs with shorter coats, use the shorter contact points.

  2. If necessary, use the included wrench to remove the contact points.
  3. Twist the contact points into the collar.
  4. Tighten with the included wrench, but do not overtighten.

When you put the collar on the dog, make sure the contact points are tight against the neck.

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