Downloading BirdsEye Imagery

Before you can download BirdsEye imagery directly to your device, you must connect to a wireless network (Connecting to a Wireless Network).

  1. Select BirdsEye Direct > Download Imagery.
  2. Select an option:
    • To download BirdsEye imagery files for a specific location or area, select Location, and select a category.

      NOTE: The location defaults to your current location.
    • To edit the name of the downloaded imagery files, select Name.

    • To select an image quality option, select Detail.

    • To define the size of the area to be shown in the downloaded imagery files, select Radius, and enter a distance from the selected location.

    An estimated file size appears for the selected image quality and radius. You should verify your device has enough available storage space for the imagery file.

  3. Select Download.
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