Customizing the Training Keys

You can assign an application, device action, or utility to a training key. If a compatible dog collar is paired, you can also add a dog training command to a training key. You can add multiple pages of training key settings. For example, this is useful when training multiple dogs.

  1. Select Training Setup > Training Keys.
  2. Select Add Item Here below the empty key you are customizing.
  3. Select a command category.
  4. Select a command or, if selecting a training command, select the name of the dog to command.
  5. If selecting a dog training command, select momentary (M), continuous (C), tone (T), vibration (V), or light (L).
  6. Select Minus or Plus to choose the intensity level.
  7. If you are using traditional stimulation mode, select LOW, MED, or HI.
  8. If you want to customize more than three keys, use the additional rows to add another page of training key commands.
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