Adding a Dog to the Alpha Handheld Using Wireless Pairing

  1. If the dog collar device is on, turn off the dog collar device (Turning Off the Device).
  2. Hold the power key on the dog collar device until the device emits two series of beeps (about 2 seconds), and then release the power button.

    The status LED flashes rapidly in green. The dog collar device is now ready to be linked, or paired, with a handheld device.

  3. On the handheld device, select Dog List > Add Dog.
  4. Select an option:
    • If you are near the dog collar device, select Pair Collar, and follow the on-screen instructions.

    • To pair a dog collar device by receiving the information from another handheld device, select Receive from Handheld.
      NOTE: To successfully pair the device, the other handheld device must be wirelessly sharing the dog collar device information (Sharing a Dog Wirelessly).
  5. After successfully adding the dog collar device, enter the name of the dog, and select Check.
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