The Ideal Swing Tempo

You can achieve the ideal 3.0 tempo using different swing timings, for example, 0.7 sec./0.23 sec. or 1.2 sec./0.4 sec. Each golfer may have a unique swing tempo based on their ability and experience. Garmin® provides six different timings.

The device displays a graph that indicates if your backswing or downswing times are too fast, too slow, or just right for the selected timing.
Swing tempo information with callouts

Callout number 1

Timing choices (backswing to downswing time ratio)

Callout number 2

Backswing time

Callout number 3

Downswing time

Callout number 4

Your tempo


Good timing


Too slow


Too fast

To find your ideal swing timing, you should start with the slowest timing and try it for a few swings. When the tempo graph is consistently green for both your backswing and downswing times, you can move up to the next timing. When you find a timing that is comfortable, you can use it to achieve more consistent swings and performance.

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June 2024