Tips for Recording Running Pace and Distance

  • Update your MARQ® watch software (Product Updates).
  • Complete several outdoor runs with GPS and your connected HRM-Pro™ series accessory. It's important that your outdoor range of paces matches your range of paces on the treadmill.
  • If your run includes sand or deep snow, go to the sensor settings, and turn off Auto Calibrate.
  • If you previously connected a compatible foot pod using ANT‍+® technology, set the foot pod status to Off, or remove it from the list of connected sensors.
  • Complete a treadmill run with manual calibration (Calibrating the Treadmill Distance).
  • If automatic and manual calibrations don't seem accurate, go to the sensor settings, and select HRM Pace & Distance > Reset Calibration Data.
    NOTE: You can try turning off Auto Calibrate, and then manually calibrate again (Calibrating the Treadmill Distance).
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November 2023