Getting Your FTP Estimate

Before you can get your functional threshold power (FTP) estimate, you must pair a chest heart rate monitor and power meter with your watch (Pairing Your Wireless Sensors), and you must get your VO2 max. estimate (Getting Your VO2 Max. Estimate for Cycling).

The watch uses your user profile information from the initial setup and your VO2 max. estimate to estimate your FTP. The watch will automatically detect your FTP during rides at a steady, high intensity with heart rate and power.

  1. Press UP or DOWN to view the performance glance.
  2. Press START to view glance details.
  3. Press UP or DOWN to view your FTP estimate.

    Your FTP estimate appears as a value measured in watts per kilogram, your power output in watts, and a position on the color gauge.

    Purple Purple


    Blue Blue


    Green Green


    Orange Orange


    Red Red


    For more information, see the appendix ( FTP Ratings).

    NOTE: When a performance notification alerts you to a new FTP, you can select Accept to save the new FTP, or Decline to keep your current FTP.
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June 2024