Power Guide

You can create and use a power strategy to plan your effort on a course. Your MARQ® device uses your FTP, the course elevation, and the projected time it will take you to complete the course to create a customized power guide.

One of the most important steps in planning a successful power guide strategy is choosing your effort level. Putting a harder effort into the course will increase the power recommendations, while choosing an easier effort will reduce them (Creating and Using a Power Guide). The primary goal of a power guide is to help you complete the course based on what is known about your ability, not to achieve a specific target time. You can adjust the effort level during your ride.

Power guides are always associated with a course and cannot be used with workouts or segments. You can view and edit your strategy in the Garmin Connect™ app and sync it with compatible Garmin® devices. This feature requires a power meter, which must be paired with your device (Pairing Your Wireless Sensors).
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March 2024