Starting a Race

Before you can view the time to burn, you must set the starting line (Setting the Starting Line).

  1. From the watch face, press START.
  2. Select Sail Race.
  3. Wait while the watch locates satellites.

    The screen displays the regatta timer Callout number 1 and time to burn Callout number 2.

    Screenshot of the regatta timer with callouts
  4. If necessary, hold MENU, and select an option:
    • To set a fixed timer, select Regatta Time > Fixed, and enter a length of time.

    • To set a start time within the next 24 hours, select Regatta Time > GPS, and enter a time of day.

  5. Press START.
  6. Press UP and DOWN to synchronize the regatta timer with the official race countdown.
    NOTE: When the burn time is negative, you will arrive at the start line after the race starts. When the burn time is positive, you will arrive at the start line before the race starts.
  7. Press START to start the activity timer.
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June 2024