Using the Stopwatch

  1. From the watch face, hold MENU.
  2. Select Clocks > STOPWATCH.
  3. Press START to start the timer.
  4. Press LAP to restart the lap timer Callout number 1.

    Screenshot of the stopwatch with callouts

    The total stopwatch time Callout number 2 continues running.

  5. Press STOP to stop both timers.
  6. Select an option:
    • To reset both timers, press DOWN.

    • To save the stopwatch time as an activity, press MENU, and select Save Activity.

    • To reset the timers and exit the stopwatch, press MENU, and select Done.

    • To review the lap timers, press MENU, and select Review.
      NOTE: The Review option only appears if there have been multiple laps.
    • To return to the watch face without resetting the timers, press MENU, and select Go to Watchface.

    • To enable or disable lap recording, press MENU, and select Lap Key.

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November 2023