Garmin Messenger App


Before you can use certain inReach® features of the Garmin Messenger™ app, including SOS, tracking, and inReach Weather, you must have an active satellite subscription and a connected inReach device. Always test the app before you use it outdoors.

With an inReach subscription and a connected inReach device, you can use the Garmin Messenger app for tracking, SOS, inReach Weather, and managing your service plan. You can also use the app to message other inReach device users, as well as friends and family. The app works over both the Iridium® satellite network and the internet (using a wireless connection or cellular data on your phone). Messages sent using a wireless connection or cellular data on your phone do not incur data charges or additional charges on your inReach subscription. Messages received may incur charges if message delivery is attempted over both the Iridium satellite network and the internet. Standard text messaging rates for your cellular data plan apply.

Without an inReach subscription, the app also provides a messaging experience for friends and family. Anyone can download the app and connect their phone, allowing them to communicate with other app users over the internet (no login is required). App users can also create group messaging threads with other SMS phone numbers. New members added to the group message can download the app to see what others are saying.

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