Mounting Considerations


This device should be mounted in a location that is not exposed to extreme temperatures or conditions. The temperature range for this device is listed in the product specifications. Extended exposure to temperatures exceeding the specified temperature range, in storage or operating conditions, may cause device failure. Extreme-temperature-induced damage and related consequences are not covered by the warranty.

Using the included hardware and template, you can flush mount the device in the dashboard.

When selecting a mounting location, observe these considerations.

  • You should mount the device to provide an optimal viewing angle as you operate your boat.

  • You must select a location that is strong enough to support the weight of the device and protect it from excessive vibration or shock.

  • You should select a location that allows for easy access to all device interfaces, such as the keypad, touchscreen, and card reader, if applicable.

  • To avoid interference with a magnetic compass, you must not mount the device closer to a compass than the compass-safe distance value listed in the product specifications.

  • You must select a location that allows room for the routing and connection of all cables.

  • If the mounting location for a GPSMAP® 8x22 or GPSMAP 8x24 chartplotter is in direct sunlight and in a horizontal orientation, ensure that the installation location meets as many of the following criteria as possible:
    • Sufficient air flow

    • Proper ventilation

    • Cooling source on the front and rear of the chartplotter

    • Method to shade the display using a canopy, window tint, or shroud

    NOTE: If possible, you should meet all of these criteria to prevent this issue when installing a GPSMAP 8x22 or GPSMAP 8x24 chartplotter.
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