Connecting to a Remote GPS Antenna

This device includes an internal GPS antenna. If your mounting location does not provide good GPS reception, you may install a remote GPS antenna with a female BNC connector (not included), and connect it to the device.

NOTE: If you connected this device to a NMEA 2000® with a GPS antenna, you can use that antenna as a GPS source instead of installing a remote GPS antenna (NMEA 2000 Connections).
  1. Follow the instructions provided with the external GPS antenna to install it on your boat correctly.
  2. Route the GPS antenna cable to the back of the VHF 115/VHF 215/VHF 215 AIS device, away from sources of electrical interference.
  3. Connect the GPS antenna cable to the BNC connector on the wiring harness on the VHF 115/VHF 215/VHF 215 AIS device.
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