Performing a Safety Stop

You should perform a safety stop during every dive to help reduce the risk of decompression sickness.

  1. After a dive of at least 11 m (35 ft.), ascend to 5 m (15 ft.).

    Safety stop information appears on the data screens.

    Safety stop data with callouts

    Callout number one

    Your depth relative to the surface.

    As you ascend, your position moves upward toward the safety stop depth Yellow.

    Callout number two

    The safety stop ceiling depth.

    Callout number three

    The safety stop timer.

    When you are within 1 m (5 ft.) of the ceiling depth, the timer starts counting down.

  2. Stay within 2 m (8 ft.) of the safety stop ceiling depth until the safety stop timer reaches zero.
    NOTE: If you ascend more than 3 m (8 ft.) above the safety stop ceiling depth, the safety stop timer pauses, and the device alerts you to descend below the ceiling depth. If you descend below 11 m (35 ft.), the safety stop timer resets.
  3. Continue ascending to the surface.
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