Descent Mk2i Specifications

Battery type

Rechargeable, built-in lithium-ion battery

Descent™ Mk2i battery life

Up to 16 days in smartwatch mode

Water rating

10 ATM1

Dive (EN 13319)2

Decompression model

Bühlmann ZHL-16C

Depth sensor

Accurate from 0 m to 100 m (0 ft. to 328 ft.) complying with EN 13319

Resolution (m): 0.1 m until 99.9 m, 1 m at 100 m

Resolution (ft.): 1 ft.

Inspection interval

Inspect parts before each use for damage. Replace parts as needed.3

Operating and storage temperature range

From -20º to 50ºC (from -4º to 122ºF)

Underwater operating temperature range

From 0º to 40ºC (from 32º to 104ºF)

Charging temperature range

From 0º to 45ºC (from 32º to 113ºF)

Wireless frequency

2.4 GHz @ 11.5 dBm nominal

1 The device withstands pressure equivalent to a depth of 100 m. For more information, go to
2 Designed to comply with CSN EN 13319.
3 Aside from normal wear and tear, performance is not affected by aging.
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