Navigating with the Dive Compass

  1. During a single-gas, multi-gas, closed-circuit rebreather, or gauge dive, scroll to the dive compass.

    Dive compass data with callouts

    The compass indicates your directional heading Callout number one.

  2. Press START to set the heading.

    The compass indicates deviations Callout number two from the set heading Callout number three.

  3. Press START, and select an option:
    • To reset the heading, select Reset Heading.

    • To change the heading by 180 degrees, select Set to Recip..

      NOTE: The compass indicates the reciprocal heading with a red mark.
    • To set to a 90-degree heading left or right, select Set to 90L or Set to 90R.

    • To clear the heading, select Clear Heading.

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