Starting a Dive on a Paired Descent Dive Computer

  1. On the paired Descent™ dive computer, press START from the watch face.
  2. Select a dive mode.

    See the owner's manual for your Descent dive computer for more information about supported dive modes.

  3. Press START until the primary dive data screen appears.

    The primary dive data screen displays up to two paired transmitters Callout number one (Selecting Paired Transmitters to View on Your Dive Data Screens).

    NOTE: You can use this screen to confirm your paired transmitters are connected to your dive computer prior to starting your dive.

    Dive screenshot with a callout
  4. Descend to start your dive.

    The activity timer starts automatically when you reach a depth of 1.2 m (4 ft.).

  5. Press DOWN to scroll through the additional data screens.

When you return to the surface, the device automatically ends and saves the dive after one minute has elapsed (by default).

You must depressurize your regulator to return the transmitter to low power mode.

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