Receiving Notifications


Do not read or interact with notifications while driving, because doing so can cause distraction that could lead to an accident resulting in serious personal injury or death.

Before you can use this feature, your device must be connected to a supported phone running the Garmin Drive™ app (Live Services, Traffic, and Smartphone Features).

From most pages, a popup appears when the device receives a notification from your smartphone. If the device is moving, you must verify you are a passenger and not the driver before you can view notifications.

NOTE: If you are viewing the map, notifications appear in a map tool.
  • To ignore a notification, select OK.

    The popup closes, but the notification remains active on your phone.

  • To view a notification, select View.
  • To listen to the notification, select View > Play.

    The device reads the notification using text-to-speech technology. This feature is not available for all languages.

  • To perform additional actions, such as dismissing the notification from your phone, select View, and select an option.
    NOTE: Additional actions are available for only some notification types and must be supported by the app generating the notification.
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