Editing and Exporting a Video

You can trim the length of your video to remove unnecessary footage before exporting it to the Vault.

NOTE: Videos stored in the Vault cannot be trimmed.
  1. While viewing a video, drag the trimming handles Callout number one on the video progress bar left or right to trim the video length.

    Screenshot of the video trimming bar with a callout
  2. Select the Include Audio check box to include the recorded audio (optional).
  3. Select Right arrow or select Export.
    NOTE: You must keep the app in the foreground while exporting a video.

    The app exports the trimmed video to the Vault and saves the video to your smartphone.

  4. After the video export is complete, select an option (optional):
    • To remove the video from the camera memory card, select Remove From Camera.

    • To return to the gallery, select Right arrow or select Done.

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