Finding National Parks

Device models that include maps for North America or the United States also include detailed information for national parks in the United States. You can navigate to a national park or to a location within a national park.


You are responsible for understanding and complying with any applicable rules, laws, or regulations associated with national parks.

  1. Select Where To? > National Parks.

    A list of national parks appears, with the nearest park at the top.

  2. Select Search, and enter all or part of the park name to narrow the results (optional).
  3. Select a national park.

    A list of categories for locations of features and amenities within the park appears below the park name.

  4. Select an option:
    • To start navigating to the park, select Go!.

    • To view more park information or explore the park features and amenities, select Parking legend.

    • To quickly find a location within the park, select a category from the list below the park name, and select a location.

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