Map Tools

Map tools provide quick access to information and device functions while you view the map. When you activate a map tool, it appears in a panel at the edge of the map.


Stops navigation of the active route.


Provides dash cam controls and displays forward collision and lane departure alerts. Also allows you to open the dash cam viewfinder and the driver assistance settings.

Edit Route

Allows you to take a detour or skip locations in your route (Changing Your Active Route).

Mute Navigation

Mutes the device audio.

Cities Ahead

Displays upcoming cities and services along your active route or along a highway (Cities Ahead).

Up Ahead

Displays upcoming locations along the route or the road on which you are traveling (Up Ahead).


Displays upcoming elevation changes.


Displays traffic conditions along your route or in your area (Viewing Upcoming Traffic). This feature is not available in all areas or for all device models.

Trip Data

Displays customizable trip data, such as speed or mileage (Viewing Trip Data from the Map).

Track Recorder

Displays the track data for your active route.


Displays a list of upcoming turns in your route (Viewing Turns and Directions).


Displays a list of recent phone calls from your connected phone, and displays in-call options while a phone call is active (Using In-Call Options).


Displays weather conditions for your area.

Music Controls

Displays media controls and media information.

Plan Arrival

Displays a map of your destination and allows you to find a truck destination.

Pilot Flying J

Displays upcoming Pilot Flying J Travel Centers™ along your route.

NOTE: This feature is available only in North America.
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