Dash Cam Settings

Select Settings > Dash Cam.

Camera Placement

Allows you to set the vehicle height and camera position, and align the dash cam (Aligning the Camera).

Record on Startup

Enables the dash camera to start recording video automatically when you turn on the device.

Video Resolution

Sets the resolution and quality for dash cam recordings.

Incident Detection

Sets the sensitivity for incident detection features. The device saves video automatically when the it detects a possible driving incident.

Record Audio

Enables or disables audio recording while you are recording with the dash cam.

Data Overlay

Includes date, time, location, and speed information in the recorded video.

Unsaved Videos

Determines when the device deletes unsaved video footage. When the Delete When Full option is selected, the device deletes the oldest unsaved video when the memory card storage is full. When the Promptly Delete option is selected, the device continually deletes unsaved video more than three minutes old and deletes all unsaved video each time it is powered off. This is useful to help protect data privacy. While the Promptly Delete option is selected, you cannot view unsaved video in the gallery.

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