Backup Camera Settings

Select Settings > Wireless Camera, and select the backup camera name.

Flip Video

Allows you to flip or mirror the video.

Guidance Lines

Sets preferences for guidance lines displayed on the camera video.


Allows you to rename the paired camera.

Set Default Camera

Sets the order in which cameras appear in the camera view. The camera at the top of the list is the default camera and appears first each time the camera view appears.


Removes the paired camera.

Automatic Activation

Enables the Garmin® navigation device to display the default camera view automatically each time the navigation device is turned on. If the navigation device is connected to an ignition-switched power outlet, this feature allows you to view the backup camera automatically when you start your vehicle.

Video Resolution

Allows you to set the quality of the camera video. Higher resolution settings provide a more detailed image but use more battery power.

NOTE: This setting is not available for all navigation device product models.
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