My accessories are not receiving power

  • Verify the Garmin PowerSwitch™ device is receiving power from the vehicle battery.
  • Verify that your vehicle's battery is supplying at least 12 V of power.

    The Garmin PowerSwitch device turns off all outputs automatically to preserve your vehicle's battery if it is receiving less than 11 V of power. Outputs turn back on when the device detects more than 12 V of power.

  • Verify that all electrical connections are secure and will not come loose while operating the vehicle.
  • Verify that each connected accessory draws less than 30 A.

    If an accessory draws more than 30 A, the device turns off that output automatically.

  • Verify that the total system load is less than 100 A.

    If the device detects a system load of more than 100 A, it turns off all outputs automatically.

  • Inspect all electrical connections for an electrical short circuit.
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