Controlling a VIRB Action Camera

Before you can use the VIRB® remote function, you must enable the remote setting on your VIRB camera. See the VIRB Series Owner's Manual for more information.

  1. Turn on your VIRB camera.
  2. Pair your VIRB camera with your MARQ® watch (Pairing Your Wireless Sensors).

    The VIRB widget is automatically added to the widget loop.

  3. Press UP or DOWN from the watch face to view the VIRB widget.
  4. If necessary, wait while your watch connects to your camera.
  5. Select an option:
    • To record video, select Start Recording.

      The video counter appears on the MARQ screen.

    • To take a photo while recording video, press DOWN.

    • To stop recording video, press STOP.

    • To take a photo, select Take Photo.

    • To take multiple photos in burst mode, select Take Burst.

    • To send the camera to sleep mode, select Sleep Camera.

    • To wake the camera from sleep mode, select Wake Camera.

    • To change video and photo settings, select Settings.

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