My memory card has degraded and needs to be replaced

All microSD® memory cards wear out after they are overwritten a large number of times. Periodically formatting the card can extend the useful life and improve performance. Because the dash camera records continuously, you may need to replace the memory card periodically. Your device detects memory card errors automatically and alerts you when it is time to format or replace your memory card.

You can take these actions to help extend the useful life of the memory card.

  • Format the memory card at least one time every six months.
  • If the device displays a memory card error alert, first try formatting the memory card and then, if necessary, replace the memory card.
  • Turn off the device when your vehicle is not in use.

    If your device is not connected to an ignition-switched vehicle power outlet, you should turn off the device when your vehicle is not in use to prevent the dash camera from recording unneeded footage.

  • Use a memory card with a higher storage capacity.

    Because higher-capacity memory cards are overwritten less frequently, they usually last longer.

  • Use a high-quality memory card with a speed rating of class 10 or higher.
  • Purchase your replacement memory card from a high-quality manufacturer and a reputable vendor.
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