Updating the OnDeck System Software


The GTB 10 hub must be held in a full-power state while the OnDeck™ system software update is in process. If the external power, Boat-in-Use input, or Shore Power sensor is removed from the device during the update, the OnDeck hub may become unusable and may need to be replaced. See the Installation Instructions at garmin.com/manuals/OnDeck.

The OnDeck system must be connected to a Garmin® chartplotter using the Garmin Marine Network to update the OnDeck system software.

You may need to update the OnDeck system software when you install this device or add an accessory to the system. You may use one of two methods to update the software with a connected chartplotter.

For more information, see the chartplotter owner's manual at support.garmin.com.

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November 2023