Rearranging and Hiding Sensors

You can change the order of sensors on the Sensors tab. Also, you can hide these sensors that are connected but you do not want the GTB 10 hub to monitor.

  1. From the ActiveCaptain® app, select Boat Apps > Sensors, and select the Sensors tab.
  2. Select Edit.
    TIP: You can press and hold a sensor start editing the Sensors tab.

    Icons appear on each of the sensors indicating that you can hide them.

  3. Perform an action to edit the Sensors tab:
    • To change the position of a sensor, drag it to a new location.

    • To hide a sensor, select Minus sign icon on the left corner of the sensor.

  4. Select Done to finish editing the Sensors tab.

All hidden sensors are moved the bottom of the list and appear faded to indicate they are hidden from the system. You can tap a hidden sensor to return it to the sensor list and make it available to the system.

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November 2023