Snoozing and Silencing Alarms

You might want to snooze or silence alarm notifications when you are using the boat. Silencing alarms prevents the alarm notifications from being sent to your email or text until you disable the silence. Snoozing the alarms prevent the alarm notifications until the specified time.

  1. From the ActiveCaptain® app, select Settings > Alarm Notification Settings.
  2. Select an option:
    • To silence the notifications, select Silence Notifications.

    • To snooze the notifications, select Snooze Notifications, and select a date and time.

Data collected during the snooze or silence period prevents most alarms. The following alarms will not send an alarm notification when the alarm is snoozed or silenced but do consider the data collected during the snooze and silence period: Shore power maximum daily cycles, bilge pump maximum daily cycles, bilge pump maximum hourly cycles, and bilge pump minimum idle time.

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