Tread Audio App

Before you can use the controls in the Tread™ Audio app, you must install your Tread Audio Box and Tread 6.5" XS-LED Tower Speakers in your vehicle and pair the Tread Audio Box with the Tread Audio app.

Overview of the Tread Audio app with callouts

Callout number one

Displays information about the currently playing media, such as title, artist, album, station, or channel.

Callout number two

Displays progress through the current media item.

Callout number three

Displays playback controls. The controls change based on the service providing the media.

Callout number four

Displays the current audio source. Bluetooth symbol indicates the media is being played by another media app on your phone and sent to the device using a Bluetooth® media connection.

Callout number five

Opens the LED controls.

Callout number six

Opens the app settings menu.

Callout number seven

Opens the volume zone controls.

Callout number eight

Mutes the audio.

Callout number nine

Increases or decreases the volume.

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