Status Bar Icons

The status bar is located at the top of the main menu. The status bar icons display information about features on the device. You can select some icons to change settings or view additional information.

GPS signal status bars

GPS signal status. Hold to view GPS accuracy and acquired satellite information (Viewing GPS Signal Status).

Bluetooth symbol

Bluetooth® technology status. Select to view the Bluetooth settings ( Bluetooth Settings).

Wi-fi signal status

Wi-fi signal strength. Select to change the wi-fi settings (Wi‑Fi Settings).


Connected to hands-free calling. Select to place a phone call (Hands-Free Calling).

Vehicle profile

Active vehicle profile. Select to view the vehicle profile settings.

Time of day

Current time. Select to set the time (Setting the Time).

Battery charge status

Battery charge level.

Tread app connection status

Tread™ app connection status (Pairing Your Phone and Headset).


Temperature. Select to view the weather forecast (Viewing the Weather Forecast).

Fuel station

Fuel status. Select to view fuel tracking information (Fuel Tracking).

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