Installing a Memory Card for Maps and Data

You can install a memory card to increase the storage space for maps and other data on your device. You can purchase memory cards from an electronics supplier, or go to to purchase a memory card with pre-loaded Garmin® mapping software. The device supports microSD® memory cards from 4 to 256 GB.

  1. Locate the map and data memory card slot on your device (Device Overview).
  2. Pull up the weather cap from the microSD card slot.
  3. Slide the microSD card slot cover toward the edge of the device.

    Memory card installation in a slot with a hinged slot cover
  4. Pull the microSD card slot cover up.
  5. Insert a microSD card into the slot.
    NOTE: Confirm the microSD card fits flush against the card slot contacts.
  6. Close the SD card cover.
  7. Slide the SD card cover toward the center of the device.
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