Initiating an SOS Rescue

Before you can initiate an SOS rescue using your Tread™ device, you must pair it with a compatible inReach® device (Connecting an inReach Device).


While the device is in SOS mode, do not turn off or attempt to turn off the inReach device. Doing so could prevent this feature from operating properly and could delay receipt of assistance in the event of an emergency.

  1. Select Apps > inReach.
  2. Select inReach SOS.
  3. Wait for the SOS countdown.

    The device sends a default message to the emergency response service with details about your location.

  4. Reply to the confirmation message from the emergency response service.

    Your reply lets the emergency response service know that you are capable of interacting with them during the rescue.

    For the first 10 minutes of your rescue, an updated location is sent to the emergency response service every minute. To conserve battery power after the first 10 minutes, an updated location is sent every 10 minutes when moving, and every 30 minutes when stationary.

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