Viewing Hazards

You can view distances to hazards along the fairway for par 4 and 5 holes. Hazards that affect shot selection are displayed individually or in groups to help you determine the distance to layup or carry.

  1. From the hole information screen, press Letter A symbol, and select Hazard symbol.

    Golf hazards with callouts
    • The distances to the front Callout number one and back Callout number two of the nearest hazard appear on the screen.

    • The hazard type Callout number three is listed at the top of the screen.

    • The green is represented as a half circle Callout number four at the top of the screen. The line below the green represents the center of the fairway.

    • Hazards Callout number five are indicated by a letter signifying the order of the hazards on the hole, and are shown below the green in approximate locations relative to the fairway.

  2. Swipe to view other hazards for the current hole.
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