Recording a HIIT Activity

You can use specialized timers to record a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) activity.

  1. Press Letter A symbol.
  2. Select HIIT.
  3. Select an option:
    • Select Free to record an open, unstructured HIIT activity.

    • Select HIIT Timers > AMRAP to record as many rounds as possible during a set time period.

    • Select HIIT Timers > EMOM to record a set number of moves every minute on the minute.

    • Select HIIT Timers > Tabata to alternate between 20-second intervals of maximum effort with 10 seconds of rest.

    • Select HIIT Timers > Custom to set your move time, rest time, number of moves, and number of rounds.

    • Select Workouts to follow a saved workout.

  4. If necessary, follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Press Letter A symbol to start your first round.

    The watch displays a countdown timer and your current heart rate.

  6. If necessary, press Letter B symbol to manually move to the next round or rest.
  7. After you finish the activity, press Letter A symbol to stop the activity timer.
  8. Select Checkmark symbol.
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