Front view of the device with callouts
Letter A symbol Action button

Hold for 2 seconds to turn on the watch.

Press to start and stop the activity timer.

Hold for 2 seconds to view the controls menu, including power.

Hold until the watch vibrates 3 times to request assistance (Safety and Tracking Features).

Letter B symbol Back button

Press to return to the previous screen, except during an activity.

During an activity, press to mark a new lap, start a new set or pose, or advance to the next stage of a workout.

Hold to view a menu of watch settings and options for the current screen.

Letter C symbol Custom/Voice Assistant button

Press to view the custom shortcut feature.

Hold to activate the voice assistant on your phone.

Letter D symbol Touchscreen

Swipe up or down to scroll through glances, features, and menus.

Tap to select.

Double-tap to wake the watch.

Swipe right to return to the previous screen.

During an activity, swipe right to view the watch face and glances.

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