Activity Tracking Settings

Hold Letter B symbol, and select Settings symbol > Activity Tracking.


Turns off the activity tracking features.

Move Alert

Displays a message and the move bar on the digital watch face and steps screen. The watch also vibrates to alert you.

Goal Alerts

Allows you to turn on and off goal alerts, or turn them off only during activities. Goal alerts appear for your daily steps goal, daily floors climbed goal, weekly intensity minutes goal, and hydration goal.

Move IQ

Allows you to turn on and off Move IQ events.

Auto Activity Start

Allows your watch to create and save timed activities automatically when the Move IQ feature detects you are walking or running. You can set the minimum time threshold for running and walking.

Intensity Minutes

Allows you to set a heart rate zone for moderate intensity minutes and a higher heart rate zone for vigorous intensity minutes. You can also use the default algorithm.

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