XM Receivers & Antennas

To get XM services on your compatible device, an XM-capable receiver and antenna are required. Unless your device included an XM receiver/antenna, you will need to purchase these separately.

GDL 69/69A

GDL™ 69/69A
The GDL 69 provides XM WX Satellite Weather to your aviation system. For SiriusXM Satellite Radio, we offer the GDL 69A, which combines XM WX Satellite Weather with SiriusXM Satellite Radio for more than 150 channels of music, news, talk, sports and information. Subscriptions required.

GXM 40

GXM™ 40
This smart, all-in-one XM antenna delivers XM WS Satellite Weather, including NEXRAD radar, and more than 150 SiriusXM Satellite Radio channels to your compatible device.

GXM 51

GXM™ 51
This sleek, watertight XM satellite receiver/antenna offers easy plug-and-play installation with NMEA 2000® network connectivity and delivers XM WX Satellite Weather to your compatible device.