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Garmin is committed to partnering with fleet solutions providers, delivering the very best in hardware to our partners for them to deliver the complete solution. Garmin is more than just a hardware product supplier to our fleet partners; Garmin represents a true partner. As a Garmin Fleet management partner, you will gain several advantages:
  • We deliver an affordable navigation solution to the market faster.
  • We deliver innovative solutions not only on the sat nav, but in support of it.
  • Garmin’s solutions are scalable; growing as your customer base grows.
  • Reduces risk by delivering stable industry-proven navigation and tracking device technology.

Our simple web API allows partners to build scalable, reliable apps to track and locate valuable assets.

Using Garmin’s fleet management interface, our portable navigation devices double as mobile data terminals in fleet management vehicles, while the “black box” data transponder unit provides seamless connectivity to the monitoring centre via a wireless mobile data network.

Alternatively Garmin’s fleet 590 combines the function of the telematics black box and sat nav in to one simple plug and play fleet solution and much more.

Garmin also offers a wide and growing selection of useful accessories for the commercial vehicle including drive cameras and wireless back-up cameras.

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Product Advantages:

Stability & Innovation

With Garmin´s more than 20 years’ experiences in GPS, you get a well-engineered system which offers a stable reliable platform on which you can build.Care is taken that our SW or protocols evolution does not impact your Garmin based fleet solution or requires you to make new development efforts unless completely necessary.

Balanced with the need for stability is the need for innovation to address the changing needs of your customers; that is why there’s a long-term roadmap for developments. Most recently we have introduced, with FMI version 3, the ability to manage custom forms and define exact routes a driver should take. As an accredited partner, you are also encouraged to contribute to our roadmap, enabling you to bring the right new features to your customers now and in the future.

Our commercial business benefits from the rapid technology advances in the fast moving consumer market. These tried and tested technologies are then introduced to the commercial market. Examples of which are Garmin’s Digital Traffic and Lifetime Maps.


Service & Support

We know it is not just about the product but also the service and support around it that makes a massive difference. Developments such as our Fleet Updater provides an efficient, convenient way of updating many products’ maps and SW simultaneously. Our support staff and infrastructure are renowned for their positive and proactive approach and overall business integrity.

Join Our Partners Program

We have, and are developing, a wide variety of quality components for fleet management solutions.

We provide an interface tool kit to enable any fleet management provider the ability to plug your service into our portable devices to provide a complete customer solution.

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